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Okay so I need to know how many people are in for the contest thing, as if we have enough i will be opening one tomorrow.

All you'll have to do is make an icon and then on thursday people will vote for their favourites :)

The results will be drawn on the Sunday and I'll make some graphics that you can put on your userinfo page with your icon - basically an award.

So who's interested?

{I need around 10 people to say they'll have a go before I'll set up a contest)
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I am interested *raises hand*
yay :)
Oooo Amy, i'm so proud of you and your little community ♥

Just thought i'd say. :)
thankyoooouu hunny :D
IM IN!!! :) i looove icon contests!
Woot woot! :D!
I'm in.
gahud gahud - competition is now up :) (sorry i didn't reply to this sooner!)
lol I'm in if you're still thinking about it...and if I'd read that sooner haha!
ah yea- if i can get a lot of people to enter then it might take place next week instead