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Welcome To Busted_Boys

...Busted - Gone But Not Forgotten...

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[*]Welcome to busted_boys an online community for busted fans to chat, share graphics, stories, memories, videos, music and generally have fun![*]

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[*]Since the departure of the old moderators, I've taken over the Community. Basically if you're a fan/were a fan of Busted, or even just of one member then feel free to join this community and talk to the other fans about the band.
Busted were formed in 2002, originally consisting of two members Matt Willis(bass), and James Bourne(guitar). Later, third member Charlie Simpson(guitar and drums) joined the lineup and the band were born.
Over the next three years the boys hosted a string of hits, all written by themselves and encounted three tours. They picked up many awards along the way, including two brit awards until finally on January 14th 2005 the band came to an end due to the departure of Charlie Simpson.[*]

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Just a few simple rules to abide by :)
[*]No pornographic Images - No idea why there would be, but I think I speak for the majority when i say it's not welcome here :)[*]
[*]No Busted Haters - We're here to discuss busted in a good light, if you don't agree please don't waste your time.[*]
[*]Please credit for any graphics taken from this site - the layout and userinfo headers are not up for redistrubution,[*]
[*]Please place any graphics/long entries under an LJ cut, this makes it quicker for the page to load. (However-One teaser of an image is allowed)[*]
[*]Feel free to introduce yourself on joining the community - it's nice to get to know people :)[*]
[*]If you have any queries, feel free to contact me via my livejournal, or alternatively via my email address at the top of the page. I'll try and help as soon as possible.[*]

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[*]Name: Amy [*]
[*]Age: 15 :) [*]
[*]Location: Dudley/Wolverhampton - Birmingham - England. [*]
[*]Favourite Member: Charlie. [*]
[*]Favourite Busted song: Ahhh I have so many :|! I guess my favourites would include Who's David, Year 3000, Why, Without you, Everything I knew and Brown eyed girl(Cover version) [*]
[*]Fightstar Fan: Nope. [*]
[*]Times Seen Busted: 4 (One each tour and a summer gig) [*]
[*]Favourite Busted Memory: Either when I saw them in concert in March, or when they won record of the year. [*]
[*]Other Music Tastes: Brigade, The Libertines, Finch, Prego, Mcfly(occasionally), Greenday, Blink 182, Linkin Park, Kelly Osbourne, Avril Lavigne and The Killers. [*]
[*]Random Facts About Me: I'm a member of the Official Busted street team(or I was) and nearly all my best friends are from there. I've been making graphics for nearly 8 years. Although i've never met busted, I have a video message from Charlie at Liverpool Summer Pops <3. I'm still not over the split. My friends say I'm sweet, I disagree :P. I overly use the phrase "It's Priddy". [*]

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[*]The General Idea: I wanted to make a layout that was kind of oldish looking, without looking stupid. I came up with the idea of a text background completely by accident after i clicked on the wrong brush. [*]
[*]How Long Did It Take To Make: It took about 3 hours to make, I'm one of these people that can't work slowly, i can't drag things out as I lose interest. [*]
[*]Where Are The Lyrics From: The Lyrics are taken from the song 'Strange and Beautiful' by Aqualung. The reason for me choosing those lyrics is because i was listening to the track at the time, and the words in the song are so nice. [*]
[*]Where Are The Pictures From: The pictures are taken from the 2004 interview on Jonathan Ross. The pictures always seem to have a nice effect and I think that interview was one of the funniest ever. [*]
[*]What Was Used To Make It: I used a mixture of Microsoft Paint and Jasc Paint shop Pro. The brushes were taken from lj community teh_indy and the text is from the font 'Violation'. [*]